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Apprentices in our RiverGuides program train to become both watershed educators and environmental advocates. Working with PWBF science staff, RiverGuides build interactive lesson plans and engage in their own restoration projects within the local watershed.

Using the curriculum they have developed and the organization’s fleet of hand-built rowboats and on-water facilities, RiverGuides team with PWBF staff to offer customizable single or multi-day programs to community members focusing on environmental education and ecology. As a result of program participation, RiverGuides increased their STEM knowledge with respect to state standards for Environment and Ecology, fulfilling the following middle- and high-school-level state standards: 4.1. Watersheds and Wetlands; 4.3. Environmental Health; 4.6. Ecosystems and their Interactions; 4.7. Threatened, Endangered and Extinct Species; 4.8. Humans and the Environment.

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    Apprenticeships in environmental education and stewardship.


    To provide community service while building STEM knowledge.


    Program begins annually in September and runs year-round, including a focused 6-week summer session.


    Cohorts meet on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday from 3:30-6:30pm; open session on Friday from 3:00-6:00pm

    Program hours

    345 hours annually