New happenings at PWBF

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PWBF is excited to add sail making to the boat shop! Kim, our Sail Loft Coordinator, will be posting about the apprentices’ sail making progress throughout the year, so check back for more updates. Enjoy her first blog post below!

Greetings from the PWBF sail loft. I am excited to report that our first sail making projects have begun. We are getting to know the new PWBF space and each other as we build 3 sails for the Catspaw Dinghy, designed by Joel White & N.G. Herreshoff. It is the perfect first sail-making endeavor for our outfit.

It feels appropriate that the first sails we build will belong to that unpretentious and adventurous little tender. The description resembles our team. Our sail making team is comprised of several smart young men and women from several area high schools with almost no sewing experience.  We are a pragmatic crew.  Keep it simple is our unofficial motto.  With that in mind our only obstacle has been a lack of clean working space to lay out our sails.  We are a shop, shops are dusty, and sailmakers (I am learning) are finicky about keeping things tidy.

Nevertheless, these finicky young adults progress. Apart, from several man hours lost to sewing machine snags (literally snags of bobbin thread); we are well into the manufacture of our third sail. Which is not to say that its been a piece of cake.  Even with the best sewing machine, and the support of sailmakers from two coasts (thank you esp, Carol Hasse) it can be easy to get bogged down in the bigness of taking on something entirely new.

Each time this happens I find myself wondering about what success will look like for this crew.  Never mind finishing the sails.  What are these young men and women going to walk away from PWBF knowing that they did not already know on their first day?  So far, I know our team is a sturdy tender like the Catspaw dinghy.  She is not easily intimidated, and keeps going in rough waters.  I look forward to keeping everyone up to date with all our future successes.  For daily updates on the progress of our sail making team visit our instagram at pwbf_sailmaking.